Investing in Tournus property. Smart move!

Why invest in Tournus?
Let me explain…

In every big city there are areas that have become a bit rundown, sleepy and forgotten, parts of town where shops are being closed down and boarded over and  where nobody really wants to live. But you just know… give it some time! Because the prices will up in the center, so in ten years this un down part of town will be rediscovered by the young professionals and in another ten it will be so expensive that normal people can’t even afford to live there anymore. Such an ‘area’ is Tournus, a sleepy, relatively rundown and forgotton town of 6000 inhabitants, built on what used to be a Roman settlement, exactly halfway between Mâcon and Chalon-sur-Saône (20 minutes by train or car) and also exactly halfway between Lyon and Dijon (60 mins by car or train). Tournus has all the qualities needed to become really popular. It is situated on the river Saône and has it’s own exit from the autoroute du Soleil’ highway number 6 (exit 3-5 minutes from the centre) Continue reading